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Vinyl Wrap & Color Coating Color Change

Things to know prior to finalizing your color change selections.

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Vinyl Wrap

  • Our Color Change Vinyl Wrap service is ideal for giving your car a unique and eye-catching look. We can wrap parts of your vehicle or all of it, and in multiple colors.

  • The cost of materials varies depending on the type of wrap and the size of the vehicle, and is billed by hourly estimate along with materials.

  • There are vinyl warranties and installations warranties included.

  • Car condition matters. Even little things can effect the overall look. Work with your installation expert to have realistic expectations. We're good, yet still not magicians.

  • Some brands are higher quality, some are more aggressive with pricing and few are the perfect balance. We recommend using one of our preferred Vinyl brands for best results

Color Coating

  •  We offer a unique color coat color change to give your car a unique look while utilizing durable peelable paint applications that are tailored to fit your budget and use case.

  • While removable, our color coats are meant to last. Given the proper care and maintenance, this service should last for many years.

  • We offer various materials in a great variant of colors. We have our standard color coat and our executive color coat service. Executive coating provides a better vehicle matching texture and look, although the standard service is still great for those looking to keep the cost down.
  • While used as a full or part color change coating, this is also used for trim coloring, emblem coloring and even wheel color changes. Surface area is our only limit.
  • Our Vinyl wrap or color change coating services are a great way to enhance your vehicle's look without the need for a full paint job. We are experts in the field and can teach you how to keep your vehicle looking new and fresh. With our referral program, you can earn credits towards extra services or maintenance products.
  • Vinyl Wrap or our Color Change Coating service will protect your vehicle from the harsh Arizona summer. But it will also create wear on the finished product. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and durable finish. To ensure your vehicle retains its new look for as long as possible, we recommend taking the time to learn the proper maintenance and upkeep that is required. Alternatively, you can opt to have us take care of it for you with our upkeep program.
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