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Stalkr Services

Liquid & Spray Wrap

Starting at: $899

Exterior Lighting Tint

Starting at: $120

Interior Wrap

Starting at: $39

Exterior Vinyl Wrap

Starting at: $1,499

Window Tint

Starting at: $200

Accessories Additions

Starting at: $149

Wheel and Tire Coloring

Starting at: $199

Stereo Upgrades

Starting at: $100

Wash & Detailing

Starting at $59

Why choose Stalkr Automotive?

We take pride in the work we perform. Each vehicle is completed as if it were our own car. We can there to be that special lasting shine

Watch the way we work within our values and see the excellence matched with our knowledge base and experience. It's top tier results.

When you leave, our goal is for you to feel like a star. Your car will look great but you'll feel even better. Our service and services wont be beat!

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